With so much gear and products on the market, how do you know whats actually good or not? We stand behind these brands 100% and can say we've tested and tried them around the world in the most demanding conditions. 




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Mantus Marine

We've used many Mantus Marine products throughout the years. From waterproof headlights to the most advanced anchors, they develop products that make your time on the water safer. We haven't drug anchor once while using the Mantus anchor. If that doesn't show quality we don't know what does.


Simply put. The most affordable, durable and usable underwater camera housings and accessories on the market. 

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Highfield Boats

Often the most overlooked piece of equipment when it comes to sailing. Your dinghy is jas important as your car. It needs to be able to carry loads of provisions home, act as a towboat in case of emergency and be tough and dependable enough for remote exploration. Highfield Boats will take you where you need to go, plus some! 

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Catalina Direct

For over 40 years Catalina has been the leader in dependable, trailerable, sailboats. With over 800,000 boats on the market there's a reason why Catalina yachts are one of the most sought after sailboats to learn on. But where do you go for parts and accessories? The one and only Catalina Direct has everything you could ever want.

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