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With 100,000 nautical miles of combined sailing experience, get ready for these pirates in crime to show you what the cruising life is all about. 


Their shared love of sailing, diving, film making and teaching has inspired them to encourage others to learn everything a life on the ocean has to offer.  


More commonly known as Señor Brady, this salty pirate has been cruising around the globe for over a decade across the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans. 

As a seasoned Captain, trusty weather man, certified dive instructor, and lover of burritos- he has sailed over 75,000+ NM, exploring 45 countries.

Brady holds his USCG 100T Captains license and has worked on vessels ranging from 48 Ft. to 150 Ft.

You can always count on Brady for a 

good time, cool head & the inside scoop.


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Alex, aka Blue, was led to the ocean by her love of photography and traveling. She lives to share the Ocean's beauty both above and below the surface.


Along with being a dive enthusiast, filmmaker, avid snowboarder & cowgirl- she has crossed the Atlantic Ocean 3 times and sailed over 25,000+ NM. 

Blue's natural ability to teach with patience and kindness creates an atmosphere that is both engaging and fun!

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