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Therapy sailing

Every. Single. Dollar.

To spreading the healing power of sailing!

Where does my contribution go?

The right boat
has found us!

We're on a mission to spread the love of sailing to those who need it most! Your generosity in paying it forward will allow us to do the same for others.

We are partnering with foundations that represent cancer survivors, recovering addicts, survivors of PTSD, and much more.


We've seen firsthand how the power of sailing can give a fresh perspective to someone going through a challenging time in life. 

We appreciate you! 

Much Love, 

Brady and Blue

Cruisers Academy Sailing Therapy.HEIC

"The therapy is real. Since my sailing experience, I feel like I have a renewed sense of self and have been making small gains when I otherwise struggled. Healing hearts, reducing trauma trapped in the body, awakening souls, conquering fear, building confidence, the magic of sailing has so many benefits. Working as a crew member to be part of a team, having a solid captain and crew you trust and rely on for help or direction. Getting in touch with nature and yourself as it forces you to be present and connect with yourself. All building self-worth and confidence. A lot of things were experienced on the boat that we otherwise don’t get to experience very often in our day-to-day lives. The compassion for each other and the excitement it brought was unlike anything I’ve experienced. I’m happy to see this dream come alive and stoked for those who will get to experience it."

Dirk, Scholarship Winner

If you know of or are part of a foundation we should know about click here and tell us more!

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