With 150,000 nautical miles of combined sailing experience, these pirates in crime are excited about empowering YOU to start your sailing journey!





More commonly known as Señor Brady, this salty pirate has been cruising around the globe for over a decade across the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. 

As a seasoned captain, trusty weather man, certified dive instructor and lover of burritos, he has sailed over 75,000+ nautical miles, exploring 45 countries.

Brady holds his US Coast Guard 100 Ton captains license and has worked on vessels ranging from 48-150 ft.

You can always count on Brady for a 

good time, cool head and the inside scoop.


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Alex, aka Blue, was led to the ocean by her love of photography and traveling. She lives to share the ocean's beauty both above and below the surface.

Her sailing adventures started with a rag tag crew in South America, which eventually led to a career and obtaining her US Coast Guard Captains License.  Along with being a dive enthusiast, filmmaker, avid snowboarder and cowgirl, she has crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times racking up 25,000 nautical miles.

Blue's natural ability to teach with patience and kindess creates an atmosphere that is both engaging and fun!


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CAPTAIN sean westoby

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Sean is an experienced off-shore Captain who has a whole lot of love and respect for the ocean. He is most at home on the water, sharing his love of interpreting weather and nature to those around him. His mechanical knowledge matched with his creativity means he loves building and fixing anything he can get his hands on. 

He has spent over 45,000 nautical miles on the high seas on boats ranging from 48-100 feet, holds a commercially endorsed RYA 200 ton Yachtmaster Ocean ticket, is avid surfer, and the guy you want around when sh*t hits the fan.

Sean is a natural teacher, explorer, leader and all around amazing South African bloke!


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