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Brands wE love

With so much gear and products on the market, how do you know what's actually good or not? We stand behind these brands 100% and can say we've tested and tried them around the world in the most demanding conditions. 

Battle Born Batteries Logo - Standard - PNG (1).png


Out of all of the battery companies out there, we take great pride in choosing Battle Born. Their top shelf lithium iron phosphate batteries are the most efficient, powerful, and stable choice on the market. The Battle Born team is dedicated to creating a new standard in green energy storage so that you can get out there, and stay out there. 

highfield logo.png


Often the most overlooked piece of equipment when it comes to sailing. Your dinghy is just as important as your car. It needs to be able to carry loads of provisions home, act as a towboat in case of emergency, and be tough and dependable enough for remote exploration. Highfield Boats will take you where you need to go, plus some! 

Mantus Marine

We've used many Mantus Marine products throughout the years. From waterproof headlights to the most advanced anchors, they develop products that make your time on the water safer. We haven't drug anchor once while using the Mantus anchor. If that doesn't show quality we don't know what does.

mantus marine.png


Precision Sails is at the top of the food chain when it comes to custom made sails. Not only are their sails affordable, they are created by a team of sailmakers that can't stop innovating. Whether you’re a bluewater cruiser or a weekend racer, precision offers a variety of premium sail materials and styles to accommodate your needs.  


sun powered yachts

Sun Powered Yachts is run by Katie & Lyall whose background in sailing & solar is available to both inspire & inform you on the benefits of going solar aboard your boat.  With the highest efficiency SunPower solar panels you will get more power in less space – pretty important when “roof space” is a premium aboard.  Why not enjoy clean & quiet solar to keep your batteries topped up?  Get in touch to start your free solar consultation.

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When sailing, and especially when cruising, the weather controls all. Good forecasting can be the difference between a great day, and a terrible day — even life and death. All of the ocean miles we’ve put under the keel have been made substantially nicer by using PredictWind. With access to the world's best forecasting models, PredictWind provides the most accurate data available. It’s a necessity. 

Compass Canvas Logo (New)_13-cards-b.png

compass canvas

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Compass Canvas, who are sailors, mariners, and artisans. They know that no two projects are the same like no two days on the water are the same. The quality of their hand sewn work shows that small details make a big difference. 

If your in the SF Bay Area and looking for Canvas Work, we highly reccomend reaching out to this amazing crew of folks whose skill level, work ethic, and quality can't be beat!



The Ugly Pages is your de facto digital marketing agency based in Reading, Pennsylvania. They’re here to help your business rank higher on Google searches with SEO (search engine optimization), and to make sure that your website looks, feels, and functions the way it should. The more people visit your website, the more money you stand to make.  



Simply put, Ikelite makes the most affordable, durable, and usable underwater camera housings and accessories on the market. This women-led, family owned business is based in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, and there is a reason they are a leading manufacturer in the underwater photography business. Their rugged products are for the pros, amateurs, and everyone in between. 


duration health

When you encounter a medical emergency while sailing, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Be ready with a doctor-prescribed Med Kit from Duration Health. You talk with a doctor online before your adventure, and they prescribe and ship you a custom Med Kit with medications like antibiotics, EpiPen, and other emergency Rx. Their Med Kits are like having an urgent care on your boat. Treat common medical issues and keep sailing, and be prepared to respond in a true emergency.



KiffLab was born out of experiences shared between friends who love the outdoors. They create environmentally friendly products that are built to function and last by using Thermoplastic polyurethane. They’ve created the driest backpack you will ever use. 

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