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La Paz
(Round Trip)

APRIL 23-29, 2025

APRIL 23-29, 2025


$5,600 per person 

Discount available for booking as a couple

Fly into in and out of San Jose Del Cabo (SJD)

via a shuttle bus to/from La Paz

Currently accepting applications with no commitment necessary...

Apply here now!

La Paz
(Round Trip)

Our good friend and experienced Captain Jon Totten is returning for his second season of teaching on Lintika in Mexico! Jon has started a badass therapy sailing program in Idaho after many years of being a sailing instructor in the Caribbean where we originally met. We are honored to have him on our Captain roster and anyone joining in on this trip will not only learn massive amounts but undoubtedly be inspired by Jon's contagious stoke for life.


This adventure is ideal for those who want to see what it feels like to live aboard and navigate a sailboat for a week. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn, or fine-tune their sailing fundamentals and get hands-on experience at the helm and working the lines. After departing La Paz, you will find some of our favorite anchorages in the whole Sea of Cortez! Isla Espiritu is a cruisers dream, and offers protected anchorages from all angles- each one with a unique gem to explore! Whether it be snorkeling with sea-lions, paddle-boarding through turquoise waters, embarking on dinghy-missions to sea caves, hiking to red rock formations, or relaxing to the sunset- Espiritu will undoubtedly blow you away.

Each day will be some combination of sailing, learning, exploring the islands, and getting to understand the systems that go in to running a blue water sailboat.

The trip includes your personalized instruction, accommodations aboard including all food and bev., safety equipment, and course materials. We ask students to board Lintika by 12pm the first day the course begins.

April temps range from a high of 85° and low 58° in the Sea of Cortez.

Apply for this trip today to hold your spot, no commitment necessary!

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