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Are you ready to level up your sailing game? Do you feel overwhelmed by taking that next big step? Take advantage of our 15+ years of first-hand experience sailing oceans and buying boats. Get your questions answered. 

private consulting

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Boats, Safety, weather and everything in between! 

Whether you're purchasing your first sailboat or have questions about a boat you already live on, this is for you! 

Book a single consulting call with Capt. Brady or purchase a package so you can continue to get guidance and insight throughout your journey.


Your one-stop shop for tips, tricks and advice whether you're buying your first boat, upgrading to a bigger one, prepping to cruise, or crossing an ocean. Let us ensure all the important items are on your radar and address anything you need for a fun, safe, and successful sailing adventure. A list of common topics is included below but is by no means exhaustive. Each session is tailor-made to answer questions specific to you and your boat.

  • Available Online

    15 minute call to set-up private consulting.

    15 min

    50 US dollars


If you have long term sailing goals, take advantage of these packages to give you the best bang for your buck. Each session is one hour long, and includes a pre-consultation survey so we can be prepared for our call!

  • 3 Session Pack

    3 private 1 hour long consultations calls to help you kickstart your cruising dreams.
  • Available Online

    1 hour long consulting session

    1 hr

    250 US dollars

captain brady

More commonly known as Señor Brady, this salty pirate has been cruising around the globe for over a decade across the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. 

As a seasoned captain, trusty weather man, certified dive instructor and lover of burritos, he has sailed over 80,000+ nautical miles, exploring 45 countries.

Brady holds his US Coast Guard 100 Ton captains license and has worked on vessels ranging from 48-150 ft.

You can always count on Brady for a good time, cool head and the inside scoop.


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