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Single Day Sailing LEssons

Whether you're new to the sport or just rounded Cape Horn, we'll help take your sailing skills to the next level.

Single-day lessons hosted by Captain Ben Soofer. Here’s what you can expect:

  • ‘Pre-brief’ call to set expectations and identify specific learning objectives before hitting the water

  • Custom lesson plan designed by Capt. Ben, shared with you before your lesson. 

  • Post-lesson written evaluation with positive and constructive feedback.

Lake Tahoe | California

Custom Sailing Instruction


Attend a one-on-one virtual pre-brief with your instructor, Captain Ben. 

During the pre-brief we will:

  • Set and agree to learning expectations

  • Identify areas for growth and development

  • Establish specific learning objectives

  • Explore upcoming weather and conditions for your session using industry-standard tools and resources

Get ready to set some goals!

Example Growth Areas:

- Basic and Advanced Sailing Skills

- Crew Overboard and Emergency Senarios

- Foul Weather Sailing Strategy 

- Leadership and Communication

- Light Weather Sailing

- Anchor Theory and Practice 

- Wind Awareness and Weather Assessment

- Mooring Under Power, Under Sail

- Docking Under Power

- Steering Forces

- Seapersonship (knots, navigation, resources, etc)


Join Captain Ben on our 27’ Catalina Sailboat for your full-day lesson on Lake Tahoe. Spend your time focused on the specific learning objectives gathered and identified during the pre-brief.


Lesson plans will be shared the day before your session so you know what kind of training to expect!

3. Debriefing 

We take our debriefs seriously! Debriefing is a skill and is tremendously important when it comes to learning and synthesizing new things. Sit down with your instructor at the end of the day and discuss each learning objective. Identify positives and areas for future growth. After your lesson, you will receive a written evaluation with positive and constructive feedback to apply towards future learning! 



Tailored to your Expectations

Captain Ben is a seasoned instructor whose patience, experience and love of teaching ensures your day will exceed expectations. Whether you are new to the sport or have rounded Cape Horn, Ben will work with you to identify areas of growth and dial in your skills. 

Here are some popular topics for learning. Keep in mind your lessons will be 100% custom based off your pre-brief call.

- Basic and Advanced Sail Theory

- Mooring under sail, under power

- Docking under power

- Steering Forces

- Foul Weather Sailing

- Light Weather Sailing

- Anchor Theory and Practice 

- Wind Awareness and Weather Assessment

Where will we meet and sail to?


The West Shore of Lake Tahoe has so much to offer a sailor! Wind on the Lake picks up in the early afternoon, hence all sessions take place during this time. 

Based on conditions of the day, boarding will take place somewhere between Tahoe City and Homewood Ski Resort. Exact location will be shared within one week of your trip. Drop off will be at the same location as pick-up.


What's included?

Your lesson aboard our 27' Catalina sailboat includes instruction by Captain Ben, all safety equipment, water and non-alcoholic beverages, a cooler for your use, and a guaranteed good time. You will also receive a copy of the lesson plan before your sailing session, as well as a written evaluation and feedback after the lesson has concluded.

We encourage you to bring whatever food or other beverages you'd like, a swim suit and towel, sunscreen, a warmer layer for the evening, and a charged phone for photos.

who is this

What can i expect?
Who is this for?


Never sailed? All good!

No sailing experience is necessary! Captain Ben has years of experience teaching sailing to many different ages at many different levels. You're never too young, or too old to learn! 

There is no minimum age for our private sailing lessons. We encourage families, couples, groups, and singles to join us! 


Experienced Sailor? Welcome aboard!

Whether you've sailed a few times and are eager to learn more or have already crossed an Ocean, Captain Ben is open to all levels and keen on developing you as a sailor and seaperson. We place a huge emphasis on experiential learning, and value hands-on experience above all!


Meet Captain Ben

Ben’s life has been shaped by a passion for sailing, people, and adventure travel! Since learning to sail at the age of eight, Ben has smashed 35,000+ ocean miles while crisscrossing the globe as a sailing-based outdoor educator. 


Outside of the summer sailing season, Ben teaches college-level environmental studies and leadership courses in the wilderness as a NOLS field and sailing instructor. 


Ben’s patience, communication skills, and growth-oriented mindset make him a fun, approachable, and caring instructor out on the water.


Ben holds his 100-Ton USCG Captains License, 200-Ton IYT Yachtmaster Ticket, Wilderness First Responder, PADI Divemaster, and is an active NOLS Instructor.


meet the captain

why lake


Lake Tahoe famous Zephyr wind!

Famous for its crystal clear water, Tahoe is the largest Alpine lake in North America sitting at an elevation of 6,225 feet. Its water is 99.994% pure and reaches a depth of 1,644 feet. Lake Tahoe is completely surrounded by the captivating Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, alpine forests, turquoise anchorages, and a mountain town vibe. In the summer, it truly is a tropical mountain paradise.


But the best part is its sailing conditions! Known for its afternoon zephyr, a steady 12-18 knot wind from the Southwest, which creates a perfect sailing playground. 


Let's talk $$

Full Day Sailing Lesson 1:30pm-5:30pm
Includes boat, captain, Pre-briefing, custom lesson plan, lesson, written evaluation and feedback.

100% of the cost is due upon booking.

*Price does not include airfare, hotel, transportation to/from the airport or lake, food, drinks or recommended items to bring.


Why Lake Tahoe?


The Famous Catalina 27'

Our Catalina 27 'Kelly Kapowski' has a sloop rig (one mast & one forestay), a wheel helm, an inboard diesel motor, and a practical cabin. The Catalina 27' is a flexible, reliable, and fun platform for learning basic and advanced sailing concepts.

The Catalina 27’ was designed in 1971 by Frank Butler in the US. It is the most produced sailboat of its size, and over 6,000 of these boats have been built! This trusty sailboat has been tested by the open ocean, with multiple circumnavigations completed aboard the 27-footer. 

tell me

About the Boat

should i


Recommended Items

Being out on the water means we are subject to LOTS of sun at a HIGH ELEVATION which can be intense! Typical summer weather is  60-80°F. The following items will make your time spent with us the most enjoyable.

1. Sunscreen! Please avoid spray-on sunscreen as these make the boat slippery/dangerous. We ask you use a "reef friendly" sunscreen to help keep Tahoe Blue.

2. A hat that will stay on in wind.

3. Optional: Swimsuit, towel, and long sleeve rash guard/UV shirt.

4. Water bottle and snack. There are plenty of places nearby to grab food to-go the day of. We will have a cooler with ice to utilize on the boats.

5. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off, as we put shoes away while on the boat. 

6. Sunglasses to protect your eyes and help you see incoming wind lines. Polarized lenses work best.

7. Light rain jacket in case rain arrives, and a warm jacket in case it cools off in the evening.

covid &


What are CA's COVID protocols?

Due to the nature of sailing in a noisy environment and the importance of good communication, masks will not be mandatory. However, instructors will be getting tested 1-2 times a week.
If a student is feeling ill, showing symptoms, has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, or tests positive themselves, we ask that you NOT take the course for the safety of others. We will be happy to reschedule the course.


Cancellation Policy

  1. ALL cancellations will incur a 3% charge to cover processing fees plus a $50 admin charge for all instances below. 
  2. If a participant cancels 30 or more days before first day of event they will receive 100% refund of payment.
  3. If a participant cancels within 14-29 days from first day of event they will receive a 50% refund of payment if they are paid in full, and no refund will be issued if only deposit has been paid. 
  4. If a participant cancels within 14 days of event, no refund will be issued.
COVID & Refunds
What Should I Bring?



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