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Meet tripp & kiera
from apparent winds

Say hello to our newest Cruisers Academy partners!

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While cruising in Mexico, a beautiful 75' sailboat, 'Resilience', caught our eye in the anchorage. We dinghy'd over to say hello, and were met by a friendly Captain named Tripp. He explained they primarily use the vessel as a platform for their non-profit to conduct their own research, accommodate scientists, create films, and bring others along to learn. 

We hopped aboard and Tripp, along with his girlfriend and business partner, Kiera, gave us a tour around their small ship.  As they shared their mission, values, and beautiful boat with us- we looked at each other with a huge smile. We'd been asking the universe for the right sailors to show up to help us grow Cruisers Academy, and here they were!


Tripp grew up in waterways of South Carolina, which is what fueled his passion for the sea. He's been has been a sailing instructor since he was 15 years old , is a natural and professional leader, wooden boat builderexperienced cruiser and now Captain of a badass expedition vessel. First mate Kiera also holds her captains license and is a Marine-Biologist who runs the research side of their vessel, has volunteered on shark and whale research boats, and even has experience as a stewardess and deck hand on private yachts.

After spending a few days (and long nights) getting to know each other, we all strongly agreed that our shared values, passion for teaching, and overall attitude towards life meant it was time to collaborate. We don't take this decision lightly, and putting our stamp of approval on these two means we know they are capable in every aspect.


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Get to know Captain Tripp & Kiera  in the videos below...

Check out this brief boat tour with Captain Tripp when we hopped aboard his beautiful boat in Mexico.

Tripp & Kiera's non-profit, Apparent Winds, is dedicated to collecting and sharing stories of hope. They are focused on environmental and cultural preservation around and throughout the world. Their mission is to share these stories through film, educational outreach, and the written word. Check out one of their episodes below.

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